Hello, I am Yodi, Your Personal Assessor

I started my career over 30 years ago in corporate America and now I am using my skills to help others advance their level of thinking to gain greater insights, new perspective, and focus to up level their thinking and live a more fulfilled and satisfied life.

My mission is to help others in the area where I have gained the most benefit.  Like a pay-it-forward concept.  It helped me and I believe it will help you.  One of the greatest benefits gained during my career is mentoring, development, and  training.  I am reminded of the saying, "Show a Man to Fish and You Feed Him a Day; Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him a Lifetime".  In essence, that is my goal:  To Teach others through evaluated experiences how to be, do, and have the dreams, ideas, passions, and purpose within them.  There are many ways to achieve this goal.   I use different strokes for different folks.  Customization is key to ensuring that I meet your specific needs.  

One way starts with a personal assessment. We assess to understand more about how you see yourself and how you see others. We design plans to leverage that information and apply it to different areas in your life:   Finances, Faith, relationships with Family & Friends, areas of Fitness, and making time for Fun.

My desire is to genuinely connect with you, collaborate on your desires, customize plans and programs to meet your needs, all while creating a fun environment to learn and change your mindset to help you gain forward momentum to help you progress towards life-long learning and continued growth in all areas of your life.

My strategy is easy and one that I learned while following John C Maxwell, International Leadership Guru. Johns says that following this strategy you win. That is what I want for you, to “win-win”.

  • I will work to add value to you, your organization
  • Value our working relationship and be an active participant in it
  • Share information, resources, and knowledge with you to help you grow
  • Make sure you get the credit for your self-worth journey
  • Be open minded and keep the focus on the main thing,” you”

Let’s Get Started!


Need Help In Any Of These Areas

Feeling like you are holding yourself back

Being around People and Building Good Teams

Staying Focus and Having Clear Plans - lack fulfillment and satisfaction

Needing Motivation, Accountability, and Encouragement

Breaking down Old Limiting Beliefs to Transform into a New Way of Thinking

Shift from denying yourself things to accepting you can be, do, and have more in life 

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